[permaculture] A Global Cultural Revolution

Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Sun Jul 1 07:09:17 EDT 2007

From my corner of the world, another freedom has just been lost, the freedom 
to be a chemist, anonymously. The Department of Homeland Security now 
requires that a long list of chemicals, Appendix A of 6 CFR part 27, require 
registration with DHS and a large dose of actions on the part of the chemist. 
In that list is hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, the production of which 
in any quantity qualifies. If you fart, brother, or burn wood, legally you 
must register. There are no exceptions from registering. I will find out if 
they track me down. Most likely not.

Now I know who is getting all my water. With a 1/4 inch of rain in June, I had 
to start watering the 2 lots either side of the house lot as well as the 
house lot. Lots of my perennial herbs and vegetables can't stand this much 
drought and the water barrels ran out for the exotics (figs, citrus, cotton) 
and drip irrigation. 

I'm installing a cistern and solar power for the pumps and computers.

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