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Linda Shewan linda.shewan at bryn.com.au
Sun Jul 1 06:22:14 EDT 2007

Paul, I read your email after Sharon's yahoo group email somehow.
Perhaps building the design critiques into the wiki would be better.

This looks like it will be a really great resource and the structure
feels intuitive but I don't entirely understand how it works/would work.
Would a designer build a 'space' including their design and then people
would edit it and those edits are their comments etc? Or does the
'discussion' section work like a list thread?

Thanks, Linda

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>Is there a place for new designers to put up their designs and have
>constructive comments on them? 
There is a permaculture wiki that has grown out of some of the 
discussions on the PCDB list the splintered off of this list.  It was 
installed by Rich Morris on a domain donated by Mr. Lawrence.

Here are are the advantages of a wiki:

Anyone can contribute content to a web page.. information can be 
accumulated and refined over time.
Due to the wonderous hosting of IBIBLIO the storage is infinite.
Anyone can build either a space where they showcase their own work on 
contribute to collaboratively authored articles.
It is a good compliment to a list, in that ideas can be gleaned and 
distilled from list dialog and memorialized in a format that is easy to 
locate later.
It is more dynamic than a blog in how it can link to other content and 
how people can interact with your posts.
It is searchable.
You can include images and documents.

I have been trying to establish a structure for organizing information 
on such a wiki and would very much enjoy some feedback

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