[permaculture] Re the main reason new agers rule/Bob Waldrop

John Fritz johnfritz77 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 31 22:16:42 EST 2007

Bob I agree with your points about the diversity of religeous people who cause evil in the world, and that these people should not be represented as the sole face of their chosen religions.  I think that the reason that Christians today get more than their fair share of such misrepresentation is that the imperial politics of the west is rightly perceived as being religeously influenced, at least in the U.S., by only Christians.  I know of no neo-cons that are Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists etc.  So, while it is unfair to cast aspersions upon true Christians who are doing their best to emulate the life of Jesus, it is also understandable 
  why  nominal christians, such as the neo-cons, make traffic in such unjust aspersions so easy.  I don't know what the answer is to this injustice.
  John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
  Finally, I have no doubt that Christians, Jews, 
and Muslims have caused evil in this world, just 
as Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, and 
animists have all done some very terrible things. 
Generally in discussions like this, it's fun to 
focus on the evil boogermen doing all these nasty 
things, and easy to ignore all those non-boogermen 
who are doing works of justice, peace, beauty, and 
wisdom.  In 2006 our little Catholic Worker house 
here in Oklahoma City delivered more than 150,000 
pounds of food to people in need who didn't have 
transportation to get to a food bank.  My friends 
at the Holy Family Catholic Worker house in Kansas City feed 200-300 people every day in an old house 
in a poor neighborhood.

So, at minimum, people could try to understand 
that the situation is not as simplistic as some 
here would have us believe.

Bob Waldrop, founder
Oscar Romero Catholic Worker House, 
see also www.catholicworker.org

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