[permaculture] "spirituality"

Charles de Matas cdematas at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 31 11:28:39 EST 2007

Hey Tracie, I hope you would not leave the list because of some comments 
which I think were unnecessary and uncalled for.  We should not hold today's 
christians accountable for things that happened hundreds of years ago.  Let 
us try to move on, we have so many urgent problems facing us today.
   One of the things that impressed me about Peter Bane's teaching of the 
permaculture course in Trinidad was the way he reached out to all of us, 
whether we followed traditional religions or modern forms of spirituality.  
During the first few days of the course he presented permaculture ethics in 
a way that made everyone feel that the Earth was sacred and we had a 
responsibility to do our bit to enhance life here on our planet.


"I'm sure you won't miss me on this list, and that's okay. I'm not that
important anyway; but I'm sorry that I won't be learning any more about
permaculture from this list.  I've had my fill though.

In His love,
Tracie in MI"

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