[permaculture] hippies

Rain Tenaqiya raincascadia at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 30 22:21:53 EST 2007

Hippies are not limited to the Baby Boom Generation.  They continue to appear, especially in California, but also in places like North Carolina and Kansas.  (I refer to the travelling jam band, drug-soaked types as neo-hippies, but that's another conversation.)  It is a well-accepted fact that hippies tend to come from middle class and wealthier backgrounds.  Currently, it seems countercultural types from poorer backgrounds tend to go punk.  This is mostly from my own observation in northern California.  Therefore, hippies tend to come from especially privileged backgrounds (though I and a few other hippies I know come from poorer backgrounds).  Older hippies have mostly gone yuppie or given up on self-sufficiency.  Therefore, the claim that they are identical to permaculturists is hogwash.  There are very few practicing old-timers around, and I live in the heart of the California back-to-the-land movement region, so I should know.  Not all hippies are New Agers, by my own
 definition of the term.  In fact, probably less than half are.  But most hippies I know are not activists and do not spend much time trying to change society.  They are mostly just hedonists.  If you know your history, you will be aware of the schism between the Haight-Ashbury cultural revolutionaries and the Berkeley political radicals.  Most hippies seem to have inherited more from the former.

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