[permaculture] The main reason why Newagers dominatepermaculture.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Jan 30 20:57:07 EST 2007

Robert Waldrop wrote:

> Well, I remain dubious about this list as a place 
> for theological discussion, but perhaps we could 
> frame the discussion in terms of the permaculture 
> ethic of care for people and the permaculture 
> principle of respect for diversity.

Well said, Robert.

> things, and easy to ignore all those non-boogermen 
> who are doing works of justice, peace, beauty, and 
> wisdom.  In 2006 our little Catholic Worker house 

and you probably mean such non-boogers as:

those who oppose abortion & stem cell research
the teaching of pure science and the scientific method,
the teaching of evolution & those conservative christians
who constantly oppose environmentalism and sensible
environmental legislation

but they sure go for the gold, god told them its ok to
become rich

> here in Oklahoma City delivered more than 150,000 
> pounds of food to people in need who didn't have 
> transportation to get to a food bank.  My friends 
> at the Holy Family Catholic Worker house in Kansas 
> City feed 200-300 people every day in an old house 
> in a poor neighborhood.

Got a lot of catching up to do there, the bloodbath Catholics
created from N America to S America in the name of their religion,
being real ugly to witches all over Europe, persecuting the Huguenots,
wussing out of confronting Nazi Catholics and probably lots more.
You've got your hands full.

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