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Humans are significantly altering the global climate, but in a variety
of diverse ways beyond the radiative effect of carbon dioxide. The IPCC
assessments have been too conservative in recognizing the importance of
these human climate forcings as they alter regional and global climate.
These assessments have also not communicated the inability of the models
to accurately forecast the spread of possibilities of future climate.
The forecasts, therefore, do not provide any skill in quantifying the
impact of different mitigation strategies on the actual climate response
that would occur.."

I am not a lawyer; the debates I read involved money bets(!) by
protagonists/apologists against their opponents (see above). I hope that
Peak Oil will coincide with a reduction of emissions and thus a solution
to the problem. Believing we can change the weather is hardly going to
make it happen.
On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 03:37:34 -0800 (PST), "John Fritz"
<johnfritz77 at yahoo.com> said:
> It appears that no one currently contributing to this list is concerned
> about the postion of Allan J. Yeoman, that the several fold increase of
> background radiation from nuclear power is a good thing for humans and
> makes them live longer.  I found this from a google search for his book,
> Priority One.  Does this sound like a reasonable position to the
> contributors of this group?   I find it incredible and dismaying that,
> among those people who accept the science of human induced global
> warming, there can be such diametrically (sp?) opposed ideas of how we
> then proceed to correct this problem.  There is no hope if even this
> group of people cannot agree on what is the best course of action.  Could
> we please take a slight pause from the "feel good" discussion of
> spirituality and give some attention to the most serious environmental
> problem facing humans?  Or do the participants of this group not consider
> global warming to be real, and therefore not worthy of discussion? 
>   John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
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