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Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Mon Jan 29 00:59:04 EST 2007

The spiritual community I attend provides a better shot at cradle to 
grave 'care for people' than any other institution that I am familiar 
with -- those who aren't part of some kind of "church" get to raise 
their children or grow old and die in the arms of family or the 
government, which isn't too pretty if you don't have strong family.  If 
modern or recently conceived spiritual societies are able to provide 
this level of support, than all the better.

Martin Naylor wrote:

>It seems to me that if Permaculture is a Philosophy based on Ethics 
>then belief and opinion are also the basis of Permaculture.
>  May be we should get rid of ethics and replace with observation, then we can get rid of beliefs and opinions and deal with fact and reality
>  Martin
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