[permaculture] permaculture plant swap

"Gaian Life" eco at gaianlife.co.uk
Sun Jan 28 09:50:06 EST 2007

Hi guys,
I have an impending glut of Wild Basil (Clinopodium) and also a steady
supply of things like chocolate mint, swiss mint, moroccan mint, apple mint
& watercress.
If anyone wants rooted plugs, you can have them either:
For the cost of postage (paypal)
In return for a rooted plug of something I don't have (make me an offer!). I
am not interested in plants whose sole use is ornamental so no
flowers/annuals unless they are soil beneficial/edible/medicinal/feedstock
pls :)

I have other stuff which I can take cuttings/rootings on request for like
aloe vera, marshmallow, vietnamese coriander, various soft fruit bushes,
bay, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, jasmine and also masses of extra herb & veg
seeds which are available for swap.
Anyone interested or have some plugs/seeds they want to swap?
Is there enough interest to put listings of what we have available up on the
Is there an existing permaculture plant swap?

Also does anyone have experience raising quails in a permaculture setting?


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