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Yes, I found Ishmael to be very useful in helping me
understand the cause and effect of various practices.
It meshes well with permaculture, or rather, I think
permaculture is one of the myriad ways that might
work.  Where are you located, by the way? The Green
Phoenix Permaculture organization in NYC also
references Quinn as one of the guides toward
establishing a sustainable worldview, on the idea that
if your worldview isn't sustainable, your practices
won't be either.

--- Myron Mykyta <myronmykyta at yahoo.com> wrote:

> A common thread in my local green/permaculture
> community is a strong calling from Daniel Quinn's
> "Ishmael" to enact natural, permaculture, and
> especially 'old ways' -- sustainable ways -- of
> living.  In tieing this post to the spirituality
> issue, I took Ishmael as actually emphasizing (or at
> least reinforcing) Jesus' Christianinty (not
> necessarily the Church's version, though); "Leave
> all behind and follow me" was a reminder that the
> natural ways -- that 'God' gave us -- are the right
> way. That's even an issue related to permaculture,
> are we acting as 'little gods' in our agriculture or
> should we be practicing even more natural systems,
> focusing on harvesting wild edibles, etc.
> Myron 
>   "All great truths begin as blasphemies"
> -George Bernard Shaw
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