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I trust that this greets you and all well.

I can't agree highly enough that the Yeomans Plow Company gear is of a very
high standard - is solid state and breathtakingly simple to set up and use
and importantly, extremely durable. This is Permaculture Engineering....

Further to the great gear YPC are making, Allan has also built at his
factory an ingenious prototype 1MW Solar Thermal system - which only
highlight's his engineering genius, especially when he you consider his
truly great invention: The Banana Lounge! Allan maintains, and I would have
to agree having inspected the Solar Thermal system first hand, that it is
built to "chicken coup tolerances". Furthermore unlike "conventional" solar
thermal systems, his tracking design was inspired by Archimedes and tracks
the sun by the mirrors floating on moulded concrete floats. 

The blurb from the Australian Government Industry Department says:

....Yeoman's Floating Solar Concentrators

"...Designed as a low-tech, low-cost solution to sun tracking for solar
collectors, the system negates the need for expensive mechanical
sun-tracking systems. Creator, Allan Yeomans, says steam can be produced
economically at high temperatures and pressures by using 5m2 concrete
flotation modules and strips of low-iron glass mirrors set in the top
surface in a Fresnel structured parabolic trough setup. Achieving a 60%
sunlight energy to super heated steam efficiency, full scale ponds are
planned to be 110 metres in diameter and contain 340 individual modules...

There is a picture of the collection system here:


The entire floatation system has been made using moulds that enable low cost
replication of the whole very elegant system. The rest of the framing and
pond etc is pretty basic. The little "elements" that super heat the water
are the only part of the system that has any real sophistication beyond the
scope of most engineers. Allan is also looking at chemical energy storage
and maintains that by using electrolysis one could power industry (with
Hydrogen and Oxygen production). 

Yours and Growing,



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