[permaculture] Software thoughts (Was: Help and conversations for possibility AND action)

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 20 23:09:37 EST 2007

I am I correct in thinking that the page you link to below will get me a 
tool that enables simultaneous running of two OS's?

The site says:

Begin enjoying the benefits of server virtualization with the free 
VMware Server. VMware Server installs on any existing server hardware 
and partitions a physical server into multiple virtual machines by 
abstracting processor, memory, storage and networking resources, giving 
you greater hardware utilization and flexibility. Streamline software 
development and testing and simplify server provisioning as you utilize 
the ability to "build once, deploy many times."

...but I don't know what that means. I don't have any server hardware. 
Just a laptop.

jedd wrote:
>  Note that one option most people ignore when evaluating these
>  things is to run it on your local computer.  If you are using MS-
>  Windows or Mac OSX, there are ways of running a GNU/Linux
>  distro on the same computer, at the same time.  With MS-Windows
>  it's $-free to do this - head to the www.vmware.com site and download
>  the 'VMWare Server' product.  With Mac OSX I don't think it's
>  bundled $-free, but the 'Parallels' product works similarly (but
>  does assume you're on an Intel box, I'd guess).
>  I echo Graham's recommendation of Ubuntu (or Kubuntu - which
>  is the same underlying software, just a different desktop environment,
>  KDE, that I happen to prefer).  Very easy to install, very easy to
>  use and maintain, very pretty, and of course very stable.
>  In any case, you can install a GNU/Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu,
>  within a virtual machine on your computer, and it'll look just like a
>  new physical computer on your home network.  This lets you play with
>  admin-required stuff - such as installing CMS's to evaluate, and use
>  your local copy of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox (etc) to talk
>  to the virtual CMS computer.
>  Virtualisation (running multiple real, full operating systems on one
>  computer at the same time) is big business at the moment, and all
>  the usual suspects are gearing up for a fight.  This is why there's
>  now $-free versions of what was, up until a few years ago, stupidly
>  expensive and very high-end software - such as VMware server:
>  http://www.vmware.com/download/server/

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