[permaculture] Software thoughts (Was: Help and conversations for possibility AND action)

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Sat Jan 20 16:56:55 EST 2007

BTW Lawrence- you interpreted the wrong species of 'apple'

On 21/1/07 12:36 AM, "jedd" <jedd at progsoc.org> wrote:

> Why are Apples (in the white rather than the red or green sense of
>  the word) so often perceived as being 'okay' by the Permaculture
>  community, do you think?  I've often wondered about this, but
>  have yet to formulate a functional theory.  At first I thought it was
>  just the 'be different' attitude, but that doesn't have longevity.

Hi Jedd, for some of us there's an historic thing here - back in the mid
'80's (when permies starting using 'puters) PC's were absolutely horrendous
things to work with - I struggled with a borrowed pc to do a few design
reports and when I took on editing the PIJ the best we could get from a PC
was to print our text in columns for manual cut and paste. Took forever to
look through 2 A3 sheets of dense print keyboard commands to do the simplest
of functions. I borrowed some money, bought a 2nd hand Mac Plus (and 20 meg
external hard drive - that was high tech those those days...) and after a 10
min intro session on using a Mac and Ready Set Go (an old Mac DTP) I went
home a laid out a full PIJ issue on my new 'puter no hassles. I've never
used anything but a Mac ever since and have no regrets - and can't help
feeling a bit smug when over-the-top PC-supporting Mac-baggers get wiped out
with viruses.

It wasn't until after Windows was introduced, and PC's tried to perform like
Macs (drop-down menu's etc), that PC's became anything remotely like
user-friendly for non-nerds.

Macs still hold the edge in user-friendly function, which for many permies
is a great advantage.


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