[permaculture] Software thoughts (Was: Help and conversations for possibility AND action)

jedd jedd at progsoc.org
Sat Jan 20 04:18:16 EST 2007

On Saturday 20 January 2007 6:17 pm, Keith Johnson wrote:
 ] High on our wish list is new Pagemaker, Photoshop, (and other) software 

 Those two will set you back about US $1,200 or so, yeah?

 Have you already looked at the GIMP and Scribus?  I know they're
 not as feature-complete as Photoshop and Pagemaker, but they're
 substantially cheaper (read free).  Plus of course there's an ethical
 consideration in there somewhere, I guess -- Pagemaker, Photoshop,
 MS-Windows and Mac OSX are the GM'd tomatoes of the software world.

 More information at:
 http://www.scribus.net/       (Haven't used Scribus much, myself)
 http://www.gimp.org/        (Have used this a lot)

 Krita looks set to overtake the gimp at some point - lack of cmyk
 support being one of the biggest complaints against the gimp for
 example - but probably isn't on equal footing yet.  May be worth a
 look, however.  Depends what you need - most people need / use
 a woofteenth of the features bundled in Photoshop, for example.


 The gimp and scribus both work on pretty much every OS out there,
 but I doubt that krita's been ported to MS Windows, and probably
 hasn't been ported to OSX.


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