[permaculture] Ode to Indian Farmers Whose Land Was Confiscated For Industrialization

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Ode to Indian Farmers Whose Land Was Confiscated For Industrialization

Some of them will not despair and retreat to less "productive" lands.
They will re-learn their craft of tending the soil, thus imparting a
wealth of knowledge that will outlast any material culture. The short
term gains of the industrial world are even now deteriorating into yet
another periodic decline.

>From the website - 

"..Our mission is to provide support for those people who are most in
need. We estimate that there are 200 million families that could benefit
from home gardens based on simplified hydroponics.."

The Chinese are hedging their bets, wishing upon "sustainable" cities - 
http://www.treehugger.com/files/2005/05/on_designing_su.php .

Some of the discoveries of the era of cheap (a.k.a. Big) oil can be
useful in making the transition to the often touted "post industrial"
era. Lion Kuntz shows us a key alternative to the fuel component of oil
- http://h2-pv.us/wiki .

"..Carbohydrates are man's largest organic source of renewal energy both
on land and in the sea. Whether consumed by man or animal, evolution has
ensured that the enzymes in living cells use carbohydrates with
conservation of that energy. Industries that make monomer carbohydrates
dissipate the energy stored in its polymers. Prospects for future
chemical and biochemical utilisation depend on remedying this tragedy
and learning the lesson taught by nature."


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