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Martin Naylor martinwnaylor at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jan 17 18:52:05 EST 2007

I have'nt checked this out, but it might be okay,Notes:
Dr James Rouse from Vegetarian Times Magazine and Whole Foods Market have launched a new company that allows you to be in business with them 

This is the company 
http://www.TheBalan ceCompany. com/chris

Please call and hear all about it

641-297-5900 pass code 2252623#
6 Pm pacific / 9 eastern

Keith Johnson <keithdj at mindspring.com> wrote:  Speaking of activism and passivism, I'm looking at adding passive income 
to my active income and was wondering who out there has searched out the 
most ethical, conscious, and 'green' affiliate marketing programs and 
what did you find?

Thanks all for your comments about evolving the magazine. They give us 
something to ponder as we make our plans for expansion.

Keep your suggestions and feedback coming.

Keith Johnson
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