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Could someone explain for me is this an audio set of Bill Mollison on mp3,
or a DVD of Bill teaching?  Where can I get a set of these?  How much do
they cost?


Marjory Glowka

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> G'day,
> I trust that this greets you and all well.
> Following is a note that I wrote to the Permaculture Research Institute
> (PRI) Forum this morning that may be of interest as the recently
> released Permaculture Plants "1983 Bill Mollison PDC" (Stanley Tasmania)
> DVD of mp3's is, in my opinion, an important, if not historic release.
> There has been some criticism (juvenile and rediculous in my opinion -
> but hey that's forums!) on the PRI forum of the cost and "late" release
> of this DVD which will bring some context to this note.
>   _____
> The recently released Permaculture Plants "1983 Bill Mollison PDC"
> (Stanley Tasmania) DVD of mp3's is quite amazing. Now I don't know if
> Jeff Nugent has edited this way or not but the Mollison PDC's of more
> recent years (that I have attended as a student or co-teacher since
> 1995) have been "coloured" with more and more story and anecdote versus
> content. Now this suits some (including myself) as they can read between
> the lines and get something out of this. But from personal communication
> with some students this reduces the experience. All students will have
> similar issues with any teacher I suppose depending on the style of
> learning they get the most from or from the expectations they held prior
> to or take to a course.
> In any case here we have a PDC that is absolutely chock-full of
> information - its really quite striking as to the HDD size of this
> bloke....which anyone who has experienced the man himself would agree.
> This DVD is as thick with current Permaculture Design Certificate Course
> curriculum as I have seen.  Certainly with many the vernacular carries
> on and will no doubt ad infinitum....
> Just yesterday I was sanding away listening to the aquaculture section
> and learnt more from that about aquaculture than I had from any other
> course I had been along to - the same for chickens and so on and no
> doubt more to come. I could say the same pretty well everything else on
> this DVD that I have listened to so far.
> My only gripe is that I am now up to number 27 of 59 so I am nearly half
> way and quite frankly I will want some more!!! Though that said I will
> most certainly go thru the thing with a pad next time and start to
> develop some new material for my own teaching.
> So I too would have loved to have had this in 1993 when I did my first
> PDC and subsequently went full-time as a Permaculture professional but
> that's not the case so that's life - at least we have it for now. Bill
> took years to write the Permaculture Designers Manual (as do many
> authors!) - its funny listening to his pre-sales banter and sales
> pitching throughout this DVD as part of its constant colour.
> I could go on but will say to people wholeheartedly that this tape
> should be purchased along with your Holmgren and Mollison and Yeomans
> etc books that you have bought so far. Forget about the cost - it is
> really incidental when it comes to the value you will get from this.
> Apart from that - it is a seriously long time to listen to something -
> Reading the PDM took me about the same amount of time and that was
> taking notes all the way.
> I would go as much to say that I have got more out of this than most of
> the books in my library and I will continue to.
> So thanks Jeff and I hope that the rest of your Mollison library will be
> out there before too long.....
> Now I just need it translated into Vietnamese and Spanish!!!
>   _____
> Go to http://www.permacultureplants.net/Audio/audio.htm for more
> information on how order or www.permacultureplants.net for other very
> useful publications available.
> Yours and Growing,
> Ciao,
> Darren Doherty
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