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Without enough oxygen, you'll be dead within minutes; without water, days; 
without food, weeks.  Emergency food supplies might extend life to a matter of 
months without adequate protection, a few years with protection.  Survival 
skills could add crucial years (who would kill the person that knew which foods 
were poisonous?  Medicinal?  Useful?).  Totalitarian Agriculture brought upon 
humanity an inadequate understanding of diet and nutrition leading to halving 
life expectancy.  The lifestyle we "enjoy" today requires extreme energy inputs, 
coming up just short of "primitive" life expectancy (after discarding infant 
mortality cultural bias).

More dangerous than <energy | ecological | 
global warming | water shortage | ...> induced economic collapse, would be 
the continuation of totalitarian agriculture, especially foregoing the infinite 
growth we originally assumed.  Parts of the world will be more horrifically 
affected (in terms of agriculture) than others when the clock stops.  Other 
parts of the world will still have their clock ticking, thus moving ecological 
decline to the remaining non-desert regions.

Totalitarian Agriculture 
requires a monetary exchange, as well as land ownership.  Collecting gold 
perpetuates Totalitarian Agriculture, as does trying to grab land and emergency 
supplies, but only for your family.  At least with silver (in hand), one can use 
it for water filtration and other health issues, though not a requirement.  If 
we are to contemplate a sustainable future, this must include a paradigm that 
excludes monetary systems, except as a short term tool to turn the snake onto 
itself.  There won't be planes and tanks coming your way; coal can keep the guns 
coming for hundreds of years.  Since there will be little to defend after the 
trees are gone, we have precious time left to find a way to turn that snake onto 
itself.  This window on the internet will be our last best hope to orchestrate 
such a paradigm shift.

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as awful as it sounds......if things get that bad a loaded operable weapon 
will be most valuable.....has anyone mentioned that???

Kathy Evans 
<evansdk at earthlink.net> wrote:  If the economy collapses world wide and 
paper money isn't worth anything and everyone is hungry, what good will it be to 
have gold and silver? 

evansdk at earthlink.net

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