[permaculture] Final Draft of Mother Earth News Petition

Paul Cereghino paul.cereghino at comcast.net
Mon Jan 8 22:48:30 EST 2007

My reading of the November 2000 Permaculture Activist article explicitly said that Pain did not focus on detailing how he extracted methane from the compost.  

Based on the accounts I have read, the methane is not derived from the 
compost, but rather a methane digester was imbedded in the pile to take 
advantage of compost heat to maximize the rate of methanogenesis.  The 
primary function of the pile was production of heat (for hot water) and 
organic matter for farming, with enhancement of methane production as a 
supplemental yield.

>Nor have I seen any explanation of this elsewhere.
Methane digestion technology is widely distributed.  Google "methane 
digester small-scale" or other such combination; for example:
(pulled out of the virtual hat).

The technology would mesh well with southern california residential 
development in chapparel - fire dependant ecosystems with a 15-20 year 
fire return interval butted up against high value human infrastructure.  
cyclic harvest would reduce fire risk and produce compost product for 
enhancement of residential development.  What is missing is 
cost-effective (read energy intensive) harvest methods for steep slopes 
and the legal stick of a 'fire reduction' plan required for preliminary 
plat approval, and/or get integrated into neighborhood association cash 


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