[permaculture] Final Draft of Mother Earth News Petition

Tom Golodik t.golodik at verizon.net
Mon Jan 8 11:52:48 EST 2007

Feel free to use my name and email in your "petition" to MEN.  I am 
interested in additional information about Jean Pain's techniques.

Tom Golodik

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> Dear Group,
>    The following is my final draft of the "petition" to the Mother Earth 
> News (MEN).  It is actually an informal request asking that MEN publish an 
> update to it's March/April 1980 article on the work of Jean Pain and his 
> "forest thicket compost" methods.
>    By replying to this email I will assume that you are giving me 
> permission to send your email address to MEN in the context of this 
> request, only.  No other use of your email address will be employed by me.
>    Thanks for your interest.  John Fritz.
>  Dear Mother Earth News,
>    A number of participants in a Permaculture yahoogroup that I belong to, 
> would like to see a MEN update to its' March/April 1980 article about the 
> work of Jean Pain.  We feel that widespread knowledge about Jean Pain's 
> forest thicket compost methods would help advance rural economies; support 
> the healing of our forests; increase the productivity of our gardens; and 
> empower rural self-reliance by providing local, inexpensive fuel (methane 
> gas)for space heating, water, and cooking.
>    We encourage MEN to publish an update to it's March/April 1980 story, 
> especially concerning details that would enable easy replication of Pain's 
> methods and how this could offset dwindling natural gas supplies for rural 
> homesteads.
>   Please see the link below to an article in the Permaculture Activist 
> about Pain's work.  Hopefully MEN's researchers could expand on the 
> article and provide the "nuts and bolts" of implementing a forest thicket 
> compost system for Another Kind of Energy.
>    Sincerely, John Fritz.
>  Another Kind of Energy
> by Peter Bane
> Copyright Nov. 2000, Permaculture Activist magazine.
> Let's look at Jean Pain's methods and try to assess what sort of legacy
> he has left us as we enter the 21st century.
> The rest of the story:
> http://www.permacultureactivist.net/PeterBane/Jean_Pain.html
>  P.S. Also, check out: http://www.jean-pain.com/  , though the link for 
> English is not working. Perhaps MEN could use it's influence to get the 
> English link working?
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