[permaculture] Conservation Land Trusts & Permaculture; Do they mix?

Steve Hoog livingpotentials at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 09:17:57 EST 2007

Joe--I am a member of the board of the School of Living- an organization that holds land in trust for six intentional communities that all, to some degree implement permaculture principles on the land they occupy. The communities are located int he Pa., Maryland, Virginia area.  The most active one from a permaculture perspective is Heathcote in Freeland Maryland. There have been permaculture workshops at Julian Woods near state College ,Pa. and probably one at Seven Sisters ,Cochranville,Pa. in the near future.  I am sending in a separate email an announcement of a workshop at the new Ahimsa Village right next to Julian Woods.  It is my contention that the communities-altho they are doing good work--are not taking as seriously as they could be, the implications of global warming and peak oil so i am encouraging them to make regular reports on what they are doing to prepare for these.
  The mission of the School of Living is to educate and so there are people in the organization who are willing spend time with those who want to know more about community land trust-all the legal implications  and how they work.  The person most qualified to do that is Herb Goldstein[herb at schoolofliving.org] who has a long history in SOL and has a sharp mind for detail and legalise.  another contact and long-time member is Rita Jane Leasure[ritajane at schoolofliving.org].  David Harper[dharperec at yahoo.com] has recently joined the board and has volunteered to take on some of the educational duties of Herb. He has worked with regular conservation land trusts but wants to put his energy into community land trusts now. He would be an excellent contact for the types of questions you might have.  Hope this helps.---Steve Hoog
  Karen Stupski is permaculture certified at heathcote  karen at heathcote.org   
coldestsnow at aol.com wrote:
  I wonder if anyone has experience with an existing land trust and the implementation of permaculture planning. What, if any, are sensitive issues? Are there ways around them? 
Do most trust managers know about permaculture? What is their general perception of it?

I would like some input to help local land owners in Massachusetts gain some productivity from their "protected" property. 

Thank You All, it is a pleasure to be a part of this group.


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