[permaculture] "WOOFING LIST" was Vietnam/Thailand permaculturesite contacts?

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Wed Jan 3 09:48:17 EST 2007

Thanks, Kathy! I know WWOOF, we've hosted lots of WWOOFERS over the 
years. What I'm looking for is "WWOOF List," as our applicants for 
WOOFING at our farm are coming fewer and fewer inbetween and always 
from folks who are using outdated WWOOF books. Which tells me that we 
probably aren't on a 'list' any longer, and yet we seem to be on 
every list that we know of. So..HELP!!

Thanks, though! -Allan

>WWOOF is Willing Workers on Organic Farms, though I think they now have a
>slightly updated acronym, something like World Wide Opportunities on
>Organic Farms. It's a list of organic farms world wide who operate in such
>a way that they welcome visitors in exchange for room and board. My
>daughter WWOOFed her way around the world when she was 19. Requirements
>vary widely, from 3 to oh, say, 12 hours a day of labor required by the
>hosting farm. In India it was only 3 hours but they also had to pay a
>little something, and the rest of the day they could study yoga or
>meditation or Thai yoga or herbs (it was an herb farm). In Italy on the
>other hand she worked very long days but a lot of it was cushy work, so it
>still wasn't bad. She did a lot of sheepherding and olive-picking there.
>You pay a little to join their list, then you can see descriptions and
>photos from farms all over creation and sign up with them for varying
>lengths of stay. Great way to travel!  Cheers, Kathy
>Kathy Evans
>evansdk at earthlink.net
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>>  (Sorry to disappoint, cestin!)
>>  Paul - When you say "woofing list," what, precisely, do you mean? -Allan
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