[permaculture] institutional support for a permacuture center in Turkey

filiz filiz at bugday.org
Mon Feb 26 11:53:42 EST 2007

Dear permaculturists,
Greetings from Turkey!
My name is Filiz Telek and I am a newbie in this email list.
I am also a beginner in permaculture but it definitely strikes a strong
chord in my life. Actually me and my partner are planning to develop a
living and learning center which will be a permaculture site in the
north Aegean region of Turkey. Furthermore, we want to develop this
space as a permaculture center, the first permaculture center in Turkey.
We are interested in finding out whether there are individuals,
teachers, organizations, institutes out there that are giving any sort
of institutional support, advice, consultation and funding to newly
developing permaculture centers, especially in developing countries. We
would appreciate if you share any experience or information that might
guide us in this journey. 
Thank you!
Filiz Telek

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