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Thanks for the inquiry. See request for information below links.

> Could you send us a link to these programs if they are downloadable?
> I'd like to take a listen, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

KBCS main archive page:

Eventually I'll get all the programs on radio4all where its easier to  
navigate than on the KBCS pages.

Links to individual programs:

St. Patrick Watches Rome Fall

Heinberg on Oil pt.s 2&3 - All 4 to be posted to radio4all shortly


Oil for Food in America

Costa Rican Coffee, Biodiesel & Permaculture

Govt. Regs. Thwart Food Localization Efforts

What is Permaculture?

Portland Stares Down Global Warming

Request for Information
I want to do a story on the seed monopoly issue that cropped up on the  
list last week.

I'll air it next Thursday, Mar. 1, if I can get all the information  
together in time. I sent a query email to Grain asking for sources and  
had a couple of questions they might not be able to answer. Perhaps  
people on this list can help.

1. Will WTO imposed monopolies on seeds extend to heirlooms? Are they  
already controlled in UK and EU?

2. What will be the extent of the negative effects on seed savers and  
purveyors like Seed Savers Exchange or on Peace Seeds who propagate  
cultivars not normally in commercial channels?

3. Could the farm bill up for renewal in US Congress this year be used  
to block such action by WTO?

4. Is this a wish list or has the measure gotten real traction?

> Also, have you gotten any feedback on the pieces, and have they
> opened folks' minds?
I have gotten feedback on the programs and it has been universally  
positive with one exception--when I questioned the efficacy of  
biodiesel and ethanol as a solution to our motor fuel problem. That  
said, most of the feedback has been from activists working in the areas  
I've explored on the air. So, as with so many of us, I'm usually  
preaching to the choir. But then, the choir needs a pep talk now and  

There is one group for whom the information is almost entirely new.  
Ironically, it's the station staff and other public affairs volunteers.  
They're mostly young....20s, early 30s and focused on social justice  
issues. They like to cover protests, demonstrations, urban  
gentrification, Lt. Watada's trial at Ft. Louis and the like.

In my view these stories are symptoms of a much larger structural  
problem, that is the global activities of international finance and  
corporations. Even what I do is covering symptoms to a degree but  
hopefully closer to the roots. I try to encourage solutions that get at  
the roots, cultivate the mycelium unseen at the surface and nurture the  
soil in which solutions can grow. That focus isn't lost on the choir I  
believe but may be too subtle for the rest. Hopefully, the choir will  
explain it to them.
Here are some links to my programs:

On Sunday, February 25, 2007, at 08:42 AM, Jim wrote:

> Hi Thomas-
> I've been impressed with the permaculture-friendly but  
> under-recognized work of the EF Schumacher Society
> in Great Barrington, MA since shortly after getting my PDC last year.
> Today they made the Sunday New York Times with their effort to
> start a new local currency.
> http://select.nytimes.com/2007/02/25/us/25land.htm
> This piece may be limited to paid subscribers (I read the digital NYT  
> so much,
> I feel fine about plunking down $50/year for it).
> You can see an overview of past EF Schumacher Society lectures at
> http://www.schumachersociety.org/publications.html
> Thanks,
> -- Jim
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> Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 14:27:37 -0800
> From: Thomas Allen <thallen at nwlink.com>
> Subject: Re: [permaculture] permaculture as noun, verb, adjective
> The discussion is getting 'round to a conceptual framework that defines
> permaculture. I've wrestled with that recently while producing
> "sustainable ag" series for KBCS news in Seattle. The term permaculture
> has popped up in at least half of the last dozen segments. And people
> ask me, "What is Permaculture?" So I finally did a  "what it is"
> permaculture piece  about a month or so ago. It's really hard to do in
> six minutes. I hope I got it right. Michael Pilarski and Marisha
> Auerbach talked about what they thought is is. (They're regional
> permaculture design teachers for you out-of-area folks.)
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