[permaculture] "sustainable ag" series for KBCS news

Jim ashevillecurrencyproject at gmail.com
Sun Feb 25 11:42:23 EST 2007

Hi Thomas-
Could you send us a link to these programs if they are downloadable?
I'd like to take a listen, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Also, have you gotten any feedback on the pieces, and have they
opened folks' minds?

I've been impressed with the permaculture-friendly but under-recognized work of the EF Schumacher Society
in Great Barrington, MA since shortly after getting my PDC last year.
Today they made the Sunday New York Times with their effort to 
start a new local currency.

This piece may be limited to paid subscribers (I read the digital NYT so much,
I feel fine about plunking down $50/year for it).

You can see an overview of past EF Schumacher Society lectures at

-- Jim

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 14:27:37 -0800
From: Thomas Allen <thallen at nwlink.com>
Subject: Re: [permaculture] permaculture as noun, verb, adjective

The discussion is getting 'round to a conceptual framework that defines 
permaculture. I've wrestled with that recently while producing  
"sustainable ag" series for KBCS news in Seattle. The term permaculture 
has popped up in at least half of the last dozen segments. And people 
ask me, "What is Permaculture?" So I finally did a  "what it is" 
permaculture piece  about a month or so ago. It's really hard to do in 
six minutes. I hope I got it right. Michael Pilarski and Marisha 
Auerbach talked about what they thought is is. (They're regional 
permaculture design teachers for you out-of-area folks.)

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