[permaculture] permaculture as noun, verb, adjective, ad absurdum

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 21 16:55:34 EST 2007

Here's a few more suffixes to burden the word with.

How about prefixes...


..and then infixes (a cousin of the prefix & suffix except that it 
occurs in the middle of a word) such as


The Britannica say that infixes occur in Greek and Tagalog but not 
English which is unf-ckingbelievable. ;-)

Ben Martin Horst wrote:
> I don't claim to know Portuguese, but I believe the Brazilian
> permaculture network's name, "Permear" is an attempt to verbize
> "permacultura." An English equivalent might be "to perm," which is
> ugly and confusing ("No, I meant sustainable production of food, not
> hairstyling."), or "to permize," which is also ugly. I don't think
> there's enough value in creating a new verb to justify the aesthetic
> nastiness.
> Ben
> On 2/21/07, bwaldrop at cox.net <bwaldrop at cox.net> wrote:
>> Permaculture is generally used as a noun.  But in english, we are always
>> turning nouns into verbs, and I was wondering how people felt about using
>> permaculture as a verb.
>> e.g. "Permaculture that planet!"  (actually, that would be a command
>> imperative.)
>> or "you too can permaculture your yard."
>> Adjective
>> The "Permacultured Kitchen"
>> Adverb
>> I would like to work permaculturally for several years.
>> I am curious as to other's thoughts on this.  Does this vocal evolution
>> detract from understanding permaculture as a whole systems approach to
>> design?
>> Bob Waldrop
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