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Is there any particular reason why we cannot have a discussion that 
honors the Permaculture principle of valuing diversity here?

I see nothing in the Permaculture ethic of "Care for the Earth; care 
for the people" that justifies or condones namecalling and personal 


At 1:20 PM -0800 2/19/07, John Fritz wrote:
>  >From your comments below it seems you are aware of the lies that 
>corporate media (such as Fox, Clear Channel etc) are foisting upon a 
>generally unsuspecting public.  I think we can agree that radio 
>shows selling air time to advertisers are going to have the 
>repulsive aspects you mentioned (such as canned and phony laughter 
>etc) regardless of the content or editorial bent of the show. I am 
>not taking issue with you on this part of Air America.  I am taking 
>issue with what appears to be your unwillingness to acknowledge that 
>there is a qualitative difference between the lush bimbos, Hannitys 
>and O'Riellys, on the one hand, and the Al Frankens, Randi Rhodes, 
>and Amy Goodmans on the other hand.  The former is invested in 
>perpetrating lies at the expense of their listeners, while the 
>latter is commited to exposing those lies.  Not to mention that the 
>former are almost entirely chicken hawks unwilling to fight the wars 
>they want everyone else to fight.  As I said in the first
>  post, at least Franken has enough of a pair to actually go to Iraq, 
>regulary, and support the morale of the troops there.  I think 
>Franken is probably one of the weakest for getting the truth out, 
>though his satire does have its' value.  If you want to know what 
>the truth is listen to Amy Goodman and her Democracy Now show, or 
>the Randi Rhodes segment of Air America.
>   John Fritz, NW Arkansas.
>John Fritz wrote:
>>  You are the one looking like a "doofus". Franken is running for
>>  senator of Minnesota, not for president of the U.S.
>>  At least Franken has the integrity to visit the troops in Iraq to
>entertain and help with their morale.
>>  HIs words are supported by his actions. Why did you attack his
>intelligence without any corroborating evidence?
>I have coroborating evidence. You are the doofus for being taken in by
>that leftist weenie gasbag. I have heard his radio show. I always hit
>the switch when the laughing machine comes on grovelling and guffawing,
>carping and whining. That imbecillic woman sidekick who gushes forth
>with the same phony laughter spurt every five
>minutes, at the least provocation, usually nothing humorous. Franken
>wouldn't know what to do with himself without her around; the show would
>fall apart. Its the left analogue of the Rush Limbaugh show.
>If he is typical of the answer the Democrats, The Left, The
>Progressives, The Greens, etc., all the good guys, have in
>answer to all the rightwing-sponsored government-corporate collusion and
>corruption, the mess we witness daily, the
>erosion of the fabric of our society and our culture, then there's no
>hope for us.
>I have two interesting friends in my neighborhood. One is an 82 year old
>homesteading 3rd generation farmer and loyal
>Democrat who said that Hillary Clinton has more sense in her big toe
>than George Bush has in his enttire body. The other
>is a Vietnam War Marine Veteran, who saw action, who is also a loyal
>Democrat, who maintains that the Democrats are the
>friend of the soldier and stand up for the common man always and without
>exception. Maybe I am too harsh about Franken
>and he may deserve another listen, which I will do. But these days
>people in the public eye need to talk the talk and
>walk the walk. You're either part of the solution, or you're part of the
>Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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