[permaculture] Misc responses

J Hobbs hobbsj at efn.org
Mon Feb 19 15:08:05 EST 2007

Hello All,

Here are a mix of responses-- sorry to be 'back-tracking'

Paul-- I've been meaning to send you this....
your wrote awhile back asking about:
"plant suggestions for wet spring dry summer hedgerows."

-There is a link on my website for the OSU Extension Bulletin I wrote 
on Multi-Funtional Hedgerows of Western Oregon.
I'm in the process of writing an  On-Farm Biodiversity Resource 
Guide: For Drylands, Uplands, and the Maritime Northwest.  This will 
be published through an organization called Salmon Safe.

On another note:
I appreciate the intent of  thoughts posted on spirituality - 
religions and Pc......

For me, the focus of Permaculture is earth/animal based strategies 
for whole systems design. It's certainly complex enough.  Why include 
something else that has the potential for divisiveness?  We already 
have 'animals in the Pc system'... which always brings up diet,  (for 
some folks diet is their religion).

Marsha you bring up a good point:
"Permaculture is also not neutral. Each course will bring the flavor 
of the truth of that particular person who is up there teaching it "

My recommendation is to be clear from the outset if there is another 
agenda that a PDC is wrapped in...such as Personal Growth, religion 
or whatever added topics are included in a course.  As an example, I 
sometimes teach at a venue where their focus is utilizing a specific 
personal growth system.  Course participants are invited to take part 
in this experience before or after courses.

14,000 tons of stardust falls on earth daily-
 From Eugene Astronomical Club


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