[permaculture] passion fruit allelopathy

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Fri Feb 16 02:10:49 EST 2007

Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:
> I live in Wake County North Carolina, and have the most obnoxious patch of 
> passion fruit you ever saw. In some areas of the planet it may control weeds-- I 
> have no reason to doubt that in the tropics it may be allelopathic. And in 
> other regions it certainly constitutes a beautiful exotic, when introduced for 
> its showy flowers and carefully tended.
> But around my place it just smothers everything. Such vines as I want to keep 
> for ornament I have to train, so they don't strangle the other plantings. 
> Fortunately I don't need a machete, as the stuff is shallow rooted and comes 
> right up. But it has zero potential for controlling weeds. It can sprout amid a 
> patch of healthy weeds and just head straight for the tree tops.
> The fruit has a vaguely pleasant taste, although only a faint one (again, in 
> tropical regions the flavor may well be stronger). And the flowers, as I said, 
> are fabulous. But otherwise, this is one of the Lord's useless creations.

It wasn't created by the Lord. Consider Cthulhu. Read Lovecraft. Things are not as they seem.
Lovecraft tapped into that level of consciousness wherein the infiniteness of whatis manifests itself, to those
properly attuned.
Waitaminute. I am in the permaculture list. Thought I was at the Aardvaark for a brief instance.
Then there are Don Rumsfeld's "unknown unknowns". The Voidum Rumsfeldium.
Remember Perotin from our afternoon conversations in the early 60's? I think we were on Malette Street
near Dr. Fredrick Wellman's (a Schweitzerlike medical missionary, an endless stream of conversation to be had with him 
in those days) bungalow. If you have the opportunity listen to his Viderunt Omnes and Sederunt Principes, do. Incredible
music, timeless in nature.


Could it be that passionflower, kudzu, Johnson grass, crabgrass, Pennsylvania smartweed and the dreaded Bermuda
grass and many other "invasive plants" are filling a vital function, demonstrating to us the power, persistence and 
importance to us of Gaia? I think its there for a reason. We should learn to use it instead of trying to eradicate it.
Avoid it, if you can :-) Feed it to goats.

out at the collardium dirtfarmium
Lawrence F. London, Jr.
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