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> As part of the educational component of the Permaculture
> Credit Union, we are planning to put together a handout/brochure that
> will hopefully explain what Invisible Structures or Hidden Structures
> mean to the Pc community.  These we'll make available to Pc teachers
> to use in their classes, as well as PCU members, and any other
> members of the Pc community who might be interested.  I've been
> searching the Pc books and the internet for information on the topic
> and not having much luck.  What I've found are "hidden" references to
> what it means - usually just one brief sentence containing the words
> invisible or hidden, the word structures, and maybe a reference to
> financial, social, or legal - but not a lot of detail.  There doesn't
> seem to me to be a lot of information available but I may not be
> looking in the right places.
> So, I'm putting out a request to all teachers of Pc to please
> send me whatever hand-outs or references you might have on the
> subject that you use in your courses.  We'll put together something
> and try to run it by anyone who was willing to contribute to it.
> We'll also try to give credit to sources whenever we can.
> Thanks much-
> -Phil
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