[permaculture] Priority One Buzz

Lisa Rollens rollens at fidnet.com
Sat Feb 3 11:34:27 EST 2007

> G'day,
> Priority One (P1) is a pretty big book, that for one reason or another
> people have started to review and make sweeping statements about without
> actually reading it. I have read it once and will probably have to read it 
> a
> few times, just like I have had to read "Permaculture: A Designers Manual"
> etc. a few times as well for my small mind to absorb and get close to
> understanding the plethora of information and claims therein. But at least 
> I
> have made that effort.
> Dr Arden Anderson, who reviewed book (and therefore apparently read it
> right?), made the comment that P1 is great when it comes to talking about
> soils, carbon issues, keyline etc. but that Allan should "stick to what he
> knows about", which as I said to Allan, is a bit rich coming from a
> Physician who has himself crossed the disciplines & become a 
> Soils/Agronomy
> Consultant of some note. Anderson then wrote in an article (for the New
> Zealand Organic Grower mag) titled "Priority One" in that the real 
> "Priority
> One" should be not simply soils but human nutrition, because by default 
> this
> is only available from biologically managed soils and the systems that 
> feed
> off this base. Allan as an aside is a lot of things himself: A Mechanical
> Engineer (Yeomans Keyline Plow, Solar Thermal Energy Systems, and most
> notably the inventor of the Banana Lounge!), Nuclear Physicist (post grad 
> U.
> of Sydney), Meteorologist for the Australian Gliding Association....So a 
> lot
> like many of us in PC - we are a new brand of Artist Philosopher 
> Scientists
> who develop and manage systems

Arden Anderson is actually a well known soils/agronomy consultant who 
crossed the disciplines and became a physician, and he did so to work on the 
system from the inside rather than the outside.  He firmly believes that the 
health of soils and what we eat dictates our health, and since the AMA 
didn't see it that way, Arden became a physician to influence from that side 
of the fence.  He is intelligent, articulate and dedicated.  I took a course 
from him years ago, his last before going to medical school.  Very 

Lisa, in the Mo Ozarks, USA 

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