[permaculture] That questionaire from the Democrats about Global Warming?

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 1 16:26:30 EST 2007

When I sent the Global Warming bit to my sister, she replied:

This is a natural, not a political occurance. I'm not getting upset by it.
Look what "global warming" is doing to Florida and Texas and Oklahoma 
and California this winter. Crops are freezing. And snow storms all over 
the place.
Check out a scientifically based book called
"Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years"

Well, I looked it up. Its by Dennis Avery of the Hudson Institute (a 
right-wing, "Think" Tank) and Fred Singer. The conservatives think its 
carte blanche to go on with business as usual and it proves that the 
"treehuggers" are just trying to cause another unfounded panic. Here's 
some of their conclusions....

 * Wild species won't become extinct in our warming because they've been
      through at least 600 previous warmings, including the Holocene Warming
      just 5,000 years ago that was much warmer than today.

    * The seas won't rise to drown New York before the next cooling, because
      90 percent of the world's remaining ice is in the melt-resistant
      Antarctic. Even a 5 degree C warming would decrease its ice mass by only
      1.5 percent, over centuries.

    * Warming won't bring famine, because it brings what crops like -- longer
      growing seasons, more sunlight, and few untimely frosts. More CO2 also
      stimulates plants' growth, and enhances their water use efficiency.

    "We hope our book will help calm the rampant hysteria about global
warming and the flawed Greenhouse models," emphasizes Avery. "We should be
using our resources and technology to find the best ways to adapt to the
inevitable but moderate warming to come, not to study one climate model
after another, scare people to death, and pass crippling 'environmental'
legislation that would deny the world the economic growth it needs to
overcome poverty, the greatest problem of all."

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