[permaculture] Farm equipment - equipment recommendations for raised bed farming

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sun Dec 30 20:36:14 EST 2007

> I kind of wonder at some of that, for sure. The loudest whiners usually contribute
> the least to the forum and often try to drive people their own forum.
> This has been tried before, unsuccessfully. I truly get heavy handed with the
> unsub button, at least temporarily. The list seems to get better and bigger every year.

Freedom of the press belongs to those that own one.

If folks wanna do it a different way, there is nobody stopping them
from starting their own list.   Do what you think is best for your

Ain't it wacky how the more you delete and the more you ban how your
list gets more popular?

> As for electric tractors, are there any or plans to build one?

The link I gave is to one that exists.  And he talks about being
willing to build more for a price.  I think you could ask for a new
one complete to your specifications.

Personally, I would want one with a loader.  I think I would shoot for
something without the mounted solar panel.  I would also want 4WD.

I've read that web page about 20 times over the last few years. Damn
smart stuff.

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