[permaculture] Farm equipment - equipment recommendations for raised bed farming

paul wheaton paul at richsoil.com
Sat Dec 29 17:21:27 EST 2007

How about an electric tractor?

See http://www.renewables.com/Permaculture/ETractorSpecs.htm

-- granted , the tractor on the page is a little on the light side for
your needs, but I suspect that a stronger one could be built.

Electric for tractors just makes damn good sense.  Especially for

(Lawrence:  I support your management of the list.  I skip about 90%
of the stuff here, so I have no clue why folks have their knickers in
a twist.  In my experience, the folks shooting the arrows usually have
less than 1% of the experience as the folks riddled with arrows - and
you have so many arrows in you now, you look a bit like a porcupine.
Thanks for taking the arrows so we can have a list.)

On Dec 27, 2007 12:56 AM, Lawrence F. London, Jr. <lflj at intrex.net> wrote:
> A quick sourcelist for the machines and implements:
> Tractor: a 70 hp tractor is required to pull the hiller-bedder I use
> - nothing less will work and though there are smaller hiller-bedders none will make a bed as tall and wide as the
> Roll-A-Cone I own - I have a Joghn Deere 3020 diesel with category 2 three point hitch - if you can get one of these
> tractors you will have a fine machine you can keep running indefinitely
> Hiller Bedder:
> Roll-A-Cone (Roll-A-Cone Mfg., Tulia Texas) one row hiller bedder on double 8' toolbars (one front, one back) with Cat 2
> 3 point hitch - this hiller has their smooth edge 26" disks (the biggest they offer) - I added 4 chisel plow tines from
> R-A-C mounted side by side on the front toolbar between the disks
> Tillage tool - not necessarily needed but very useful early on in your soil building program and bed prep
> Tractor-mounted rototiller: Best bet: Howard Rotavator, 60" width (optimum width)
> Subsoiler: John Deere category-2 long shank, single shank, subsoiler
> Yeomans Plow: Three Yeomans plows mounted side by side on a Roll-A-Cone custom built single 8' toolbar for category-2 3
> point hitch - the Yeomans plow syste is available from Market Farm Implement in Friedans Pennsylvanis.
> Moldboard plow:
> Ford Model 101, 3 bottom, turning, trip-bottom plow - this plow will turn turf 360 degrees thus burying all plant
> material to rot not regenerate to become a weed problem the next year
> John Deere 3 bottom, trip bottom, moldboard plow - an excellent 3 bottom plow
> -the Ford and JD plows should be inexpensive in used condition - they are vintage implements
> You don't really need a disk harrow as it will not become part of your annual soil maintenance program
> The basic array of implements always used:
> Yeomans plow
> Howard rotavator
> Roll-A-Cone hiller bedder
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