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Primal Parent <primalparent at hotmail.com> wrote:

>> > I must take issue with the assumption that being celibate somehow assumes conservation of resources. 

>>An example: the Catholic priest who lives across the street from where I work. He weighs in around 250 lbs. He has an >>SUV and a Harley. Does not recycle. Or attempt to limit his utilities. Buys a $4 caramel latte everyday. A few years ago I >>was behind him in the grocery and he had a cart full of tv dinners, Hostess cup cakes, diet coke, and tabloid newspapers. >>Oh, plus a carton of smokes....

>>I would be willing to wager that his impact on the environment is greater than my friend who lives in the woods w/o >>electricity, grows most of her own food (edible landscaped) and occasionally hunts for meat....and enjoys sex. 
Evidently, that priest wasn't denying himself very well.
None of us is perfect.  We all need to do more to lessen our impact since there is over 6 billion people in the world.  If we show the world that sex is so wonderful, curious and careless minds will want to try it causing us more problems.  I know from my own personal experience that sex isn't that wonderful.  Consenting adults should only have sex to bring a child into the world as long as it doesn't stress the community.

>I would also like to add that native/indigenous peoples managed to more or less check population growth for tens of >thousands of years without industrial products like condoms, the pill or other birth control devices.

Good.  Abstinence is even better.  You don't have near jealousy or covetousness with abstinence.  For example, if someone is unable to have sex because of a birth defect or because no one wants them, won't they feel left out when the ones who do have it brag about how wonderful it is.  I am sure the indigenous people had their quibbles or violent fights over love affairs if they enjoyed sex like you say they did.  You see animals fighting in the wild all of the time over the right to have sex.  I came to the conclusion it is not worth it.  I feel like less of a threat when I don't have it. Peace.
Greg Konger

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