[permaculture] Similarities between the Jesus Movement at its origin and the Permaculture movement

Dieter Brand diebrand at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 28 13:56:11 EST 2007

  Couldn't argue with that, fantasy and imagination are certainly part
  and parcel of sex and human reproduction. But so are fantasy and
  imagination part and parcel of human creativity. Creativity and
  Having passed the hottest phase of youthful vigour, I grant, that to
  some the kind of discipline and control you talk about may seem 
  appealing. Nobody would find fault with that.
  Yet it is quite another thing if the church uses its muscle to make
  everybody conform to this type of discipline. That is the corner I
  thought you come from, but I may of course have been wrong.
  I'm by nature suspicious of anybody trying to impose rules on his/her
  fellow beings based on observations in the animal kingdom and be it
  only by way of a negative example.
  >gave up sex toward the end of the marriage and I let her go.
  You let her go. Is that like letting go workers when they are no
  longer needed?  Fired!  Or are my linguistic sensibilities in a 
  language that is not my own are getting the better of me?
  Gregory Konger <gjkonger at yahoo.com> wrote:

I believe it is our fantasies that lead us into sex. The real thing is never as good as the fantasy.

I was married at one time, because of my fantasies, but I did not have any children. I gave up sex toward the end of the marriage and I let her go.

When I disciplined myself to ignore my fantasies and give up sex, I felt healthier mentally, less ashamed, and more in control of myself.

I learned in biology that if animal populations get too large they all die because they destroy their food source. That's is why I believe God created carnivores.

Obviously, animals don't control thier population or sex lives, so some other creature does it for them.
If that creature doesn't exist, their population will get too big and destructive.

If we wish to do better than the animals, we need to learn to control our sex lives and population.

Greg Konger

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