[permaculture] Similarities between the Jesus Movement at its origin and the Permaculture movement

KNat knat at sprintmail.com
Fri Dec 28 08:49:37 EST 2007

Dieter Brand wrote:
> Greg,
>   I guess that is one way of looking at it. It just struck me as odd that the 
>   one thing nature uses to perpetuate itself was singled out as harmful 
>   or a "questionable pleasure".
>   I think that, except for hardened puritans, most would agree that sex is 
>   part of a normal and healthy life and that suppressing normal body functions 
>   may well lead to unmoral activities like fumbling little boys after communion 
>   class. I know, not all priests are like that, but I fear not a few have a problem 
>   with suppressed sexuality.
>   In the 60s and 70s we used to say "make love not war". Judging by your 
>   comments things have changed a lot since.

Not Greg but can't resist this one. The first references of "make love 
not war", at least in my bioregions, was reference to seeking higher 
states (of Leary's states of consciousness.) Using love to transcend. A 
force or gateway not an act.

The study, for some, was of the temple arts of ancients. Media then 
grabbed it as a way to sell aphrodisiacs for those willing to buy 
shortcuts. Puritans didn't pollute near as much as commercialism.


"Love germinates from the turbulence of good and evil, the double agency 
grantor of the joy-suffering presence."
Paolo Soleri

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