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Healing Hawk wrote:
> Protestantism wasn't just about the Inquisition.  It was about that "only
> way to God" fundamentalism thing that a lot of churches still preach today.
> Accessing God does not seem to require religion at all.  Only the ability to
> pay attention is required, it seems to me.
Protestantism (for the most part) started in Germany in the mid 1500's 
by Luther, following his analysis of various abuses (as he saw them) 
being practiced by the Catholic Church. Among these was the selling of 
"indulgences", which were in effect a way of buying the forgiveness of 
the Church and therefore avoiding purgatory. As far as I know-- which is 
admittedly not much-- Luther agreed with the Pope of his time that 
Christ was the only way to God, based on their interpretation of the 
same passages in the Bible which folks quote today if they are inclined 
to support this thought (for example John 14:5). (For my part, I think 
Christ was speaking as the voice of the Eternal, and that indeed, all 
humans, regardless of label or location, have the requisite equipment to 
pay attention, and hear that voice)


David William House

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	the oneness of humanity, for in material civilization good 
	and evil advance together and maintain the same pace."
		'Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 109


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