[permaculture] [ Fwd: Can You See This [Revolution] Coming?

Vital Scherrer vital233 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 23 10:49:57 EST 2007

>...that it’s in our genes to grow food and
>provide for ourselves. This is the way it was a couple of hundred
>years ago and further back for ten thousand years.

Ten thousand years of agri-culture is not likely to be enough, that "to grow 
food" becomes part of our genes. If anything, it is more likely that hunting 
and gathering is in our genes. Would people not be drawn more towards 
becoming gardeners, rather than finding it boring and appraise it as an 
inferior occupation. Probably most find hunting and gathering a lot more 
exciting - hence the shopping mania, which is nothing but a modern day 
compensation to satisfy these needs. For me permaculture is in its best, the 
best short- and medium-term step towards a mostly free nomadic way of life, 
where the preposterous and unjust distribution of property is eliminated, as 
well as the habit of living mostly in the same place, which is mind 
narrowing, a source of discontent and unrest, as well as the base for (past 
"hunter and gatherer") diseases; not to mention the cancer-like growth of 
the cities and its pollutions; a fact on which most will agree. It is our 
appointment to restore the archaic paradise, which was destroyed by the 
practices of agriculture, or rather, to create the best possible replacement 
of such an elusive environment. As agriculture is in its principle an act 
against nature and the "civilization" is based on it, we should abandon 
these practices and try to figure out, how a balanced and (more) nomadic way 
of life can be achieved, which will certainly be different in many ways from 
the primal nomadism, and which may even include most of our positive more 
modern achievements.

A merry and happy...whatever...life!

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