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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflj at intrex.net
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Cecile Mills wrote:

> Dear Lawrence,
> That's one of the scariest articles I've seen since the one about much 
> of Mexico's 150 species of corn being wiped out by GMO corn pollen that 
> rendered them all sterile.
> What is to prevent this DNA from getting loose through a mosquito bite 
> and into us? Or other warm blooded animals?

Here's a clear explanation of this technology from Joe Cummins:

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Hi Lawrence and others ,
The public relations description of a new 'pesticide' that is not a
chemical but is  molecular is truly bizarre. USDA public relations seems
bent on trying to destroy the minds of  innocent readers.  The ARS
researchers are very competent researchers  in insect molecular biology
and virology. They seem to have no control over the public relations
people.  The technology being described is closest to small inhibitory
RNA molecules that are dominating current research in  drug design and
delivery along with a range of   growth control  areas. Such molecules
are inherently dangerous and have been found to cause unexpected death
in experimental mice  Only a public relations innocent would decide that
molecular things are not chemical things! Hope this helps, joe cummins

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
 > Is this a pesticide derived through the use of nanotechnology?
 > It would be interesting to hear Joe Cummins' comments on this.
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 > New Nonchemical Approach to Curbing Mosquitoes

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