[permaculture] alternatives to Poppies

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 19 23:51:28 EST 2007

Thanks very much for this.
I added them immediately to the Planetary Permaculture Directory.

kris kaul wrote:
>   For a long-term solution I would take a look at what Lambi Fund (www.lambifund.org) is doing in Haiti, or rather what the Haitian peasants themselves are doing with support from Lambi.  The focus is on giving seed money, training, and technical support to projects conceived by Haitians grassroots groups.  Although Haiti has a tropical climate, the extreme degradation of the land has led to erosion and drought in many parts of the country.  The focus on a return to local self-sufficiency in food and other goods would in any case apply to Afghanistan.

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