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Subject: [SANET-MG] new plant info database
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:30:51 -0600
From: Jane Grimsbo Jewett <jewet006 at UMN.EDU>

Greetings, SANET --

         The University of Minnesota offers a new "Plant Information
Online" database that is a joint venture of the U of MN Libraries and
the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.


         The database catalogs more than 100,000 kinds of
plants.  You can find information on plant and seed sources as well
as links to images, magazine and book citations, and other
information.  It is geared toward botanical and horticultural
information, and not so much toward field crops.

         A couple of quirks that I've noticed:

         - You will have better luck searching on scientific names
rather than common names -- and better luck by using the genus name
alone rather than genus and species.  To search for particular
varieties, use the genus name followed by the variety name (omit
species).  For example, to search for the 'Ambrosia' variety of sweet
corn, enter "Zea Ambrosia" in the "Search plant name" field.

         - If you are using scientific names, be sure that you have
"By Scientific name" selected in the field below the plant name
field. If searching by common name, be sure that you have "By Common
name" selected.  You will achieve disappointing results if you
misidentify the type of name you are using.


Jane Grimsbo Jewett
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture
University of Minnesota
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