[permaculture] Creek remediation

David david at h4c.org
Tue Dec 18 21:20:41 EST 2007


Paul Cereghino wrote:
> For native reveg, willow, ninebark, twinberry, dogwood, cottonwood, and 
> others can all be grown using cuttings (live stakes). heres a local 
> publication -- http://www.plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/pubs/orpmctn3859.pdf

In a separate message I thanked Paul for the information-- rather than 
clog the list with non-information-- but I thought it would be useful 
(having looked at it) to strongly echo his recommendation for the above 
publication, which for those of us in the PNW (and perhaps other 
regions) is a really solid piece of work, with a good deal of detailed 
information and very practical insights.


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