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Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 17 21:59:46 EST 2007

Right, the military here is behaving just like the World Bank and IMF, 
supporting despots to mine the resources of Afghanistan
for the profit of corporations at the expense of the people...same 
old...same old.

That's why I recommended Bustan whose organizers are struggling to 
create a new vision and future for the Bedouin people.
The military probably wouldn't like their solutions though the Afghanis 

Scott Pittman wrote:
> I have always had difficulty with "export" as a solution to third world
> problems; it is to my mind "a one step solution to a two step ditch".
> In Afghanistan the farmers are living in what is essentially a feudal system
> under tribal headmen.  The headmen get the big payoff while the farmers are
> basically getting by.  The wealth accumulates in the hands of a few brutal
> strongmen and makes its way to organizational despots like the Taliban, who
> maintain a climate of repression in the name of Allah.
> I don't think that a crop different from poppies (the precursor of heroin)
> is going to change much without a major change in the system.  Afghan
> president Kharsai, is part of that system and is as reluctant to change it
> as are the Taliban. It seems what is needed are some models of
> sustainability to point the way for farmers that it is possible for them to
> determine their own fate and prosper without the traditional leaders riding
> on their shoulders.

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