[permaculture] Mycoremediation of petroleum-polluted sites.

Katey newtribe at hughes.net
Mon Dec 17 18:37:00 EST 2007

David wrote:
> But a talk at a conference does not sound like an episode of... a TV/web 
> show(? "an episode of 'Bioneers...'"). I suppose an episode could 
> extract from and be built around such a talk, but is that what happened? 
> Was it even this particular mycologist or some other?
> Would it be possible to offer more information, if you remember or have it?
> d.
Yes, David, it probably was Paul Stamets at Bioneers, if it is the same 
"episode" i saw.  Free Speech TV runs Bioneers lectures regularly (and 
repeatedly) so Paul's talk has been aired many times in a 30 min. segment.

In the permaculture design course i took the fungi section was taught by 
2 long time students of Paul's.  Although i am not proficient in this 
area my recollection is a little different than Mr. Carr.  I would be 
cautious about the uses for the fungus after remediation. 


Katey Culver
ecoville architechs

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