[permaculture] Creek remediation

David david at h4c.org
Mon Dec 17 11:53:21 EST 2007


Jay Woods wrote:
> It would be fun to have beavers established on the creek. That would get the 
> pond started without much labor on your part. The question that I would have 
> is what would be attractive to a beaver? Starting a grove o food trees would 
> help convince a captured and released beaver to stay. Cottonwoods and alders 
> are selected for here in Omaha but are not interesting trees. 
Interesting thought, for sure. I had forgotten, in fact, but there was 
at one time several years ago something in the creek, probably a beaver 
(I never saw it, I am no expert in animal tracks, etc., and I did not 
take pictures) which chewed down some of the smaller trees and-- by 
appearances-- started to build a dam. But it left or was killed. At 
present I have 16 goats in the woods, and there is a family of coyotes 
living there too, almost certainly because of the cover provided by the 
blackberries which grow profusely over about a third of the wooded area.

The two main problems with a beaver or beavers is that I would have no 
control over where they decided to build the pond(s), and their idea of 
good building materials might be my idea of a valuable source of food.


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