[permaculture] Mycoremediation of petroleum-polluted sites.

David david at h4c.org
Mon Dec 17 11:37:59 EST 2007


Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> I've seen a episode of "Bioneers: Saving The Planet" where a renowned
> Mycologist showed using compost and added fungi to de-comtaminate soil
> soaked in fuel oil.
> I highly recommend watching this, if you can find it.
A bit more description may help. At the 2006 Bioneers Conference, for 
example, Paul Stamets talked about mycoattractants and mycopesticides, 
and referenced a patent 
which had just been issued to him that could "revamp the pesticide 
industry". He said that it could rid a house of termites and carpenter 
ants for $1 a year! A really, really short excerpt from that talk is 
linked via this page <http://fungifest.com/2007/03>. Apparently the 
whole talk is available for download (audio only) for $2 from here 

But a talk at a conference does not sound like an episode of... a TV/web 
show(? "an episode of 'Bioneers...'"). I suppose an episode could 
extract from and be built around such a talk, but is that what happened? 
Was it even this particular mycologist or some other?

Would it be possible to offer more information, if you remember or have it?


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