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The original version is below with the italicized, bold sentences representing the parts removed. I considered removing the last paragraph, too. What do you think? 
My intent is to validate the design course and permaculture in general.

    To my mind the very act of enrolling for a permaculture design
    course is one

    of the most political acts most people ever engage in.  Since I have

    certified over 3,000 people I feel that I have helped create a small village

    of active, engaged and aware folks who now have the tools to change the

    reality around them - and many of them are very busy doing just that.


    The very act of reading "Permaculture - A Design Manual" is extremely

    radical and political as the information and realizations sink in of the

    ultimate outcome of following the pc path.  The beauty of permaculture has

    always meant, to me, that I can travel all over the world in some of the

    most brutal dictatorships espousing a revolutionary system of design and I

    am considered harmless by the powers that be.  That is an incredible

    advantage folks, in a world that has become increasingly polarized by the

    paranoia of rampant capitalism and lack of ethical guidance.


    /*To state that pc practitioners in the first world are any less political*/

    /*than any other place is an exercise in one up man ship that may describe the*/

    /*feeling but not the reality.  It would be something else to say that*/

    /*permaculture in the third (developing - what ever) world is more relevant*/

    /*for survival than in the first then I would be the first to agree, if we are*/

    /*talking in the short term, but if we are talking in the not to distant*/

    /*future I think it will be equally needed for survival in the whole world*/

    /*with the third world having a slight edge, just because they are a couple of*/

    /*generations closer to the land.*/


    The effect of Permaculture worldwide is certainly more profoundly political

    than Students for a Democratic Society of which I was a proud member for

    several years.  The primary difference being SDS was fighting against

    something while permaculture is fighting for something.  Within the ethical

    guideposts of permaculture are contained all the political guidance one

    could need. /* While changing laws and ordinances is good and necessary work*/

    /*it is extremely time consuming and deadening of spirit and I only resort to*/

    /*it when I see a real chance of succeeding otherwise I begin to feel a little*/

    /*bit like Don Quixote.*/


    Most of what we understand to be politics, Democrat, Republican, Labor,

    Communist, etc. are games that have been developed to keep us thinking that

    we can make a difference by staying in the cultural/economic system and that

    we are involved in "democracy".  It is an incredible demonic and clever way

    of controlling an increasingly disenfranchised populace. For the most part I

    don't play except for the occasional trip to the polls in an attempt to ease

    the painful descent into the inevitable change that must come. 


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