[permaculture] olives: the problem is the solution

Rain Tenaqiya raincascadia at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 22:10:28 EST 2007

Norak,  I can't put aside the thought that your exuberant weedy growth could be put to good use.  Cutting it back on a regular basis (use a brush scythe) would build the soil, which, as Jean Pain suggests, could reduce the danger of fire over the long-term, not too mention hold more water and nutrients through the addition of all that organic matter.
  A more conventional approach, which I cannot practice myself due to all the ethical problems of keeping large domesticated mammals, would be to carefully rotate goats through the olives just enough to keep the vegetation in check.  This could produce meat and milk, as well.  Though you would probably lose a fair amount of nitrogen this way, from leaching during the beginning of the rainy season, the increased rate of vegetation growth (due to quicker nutrient cycling) during the Winter could balance this out, as long as enough of the vegetation is nitrogen-fixing.
  Good luck,

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