[permaculture] Property in Fiji (and So. Ca)

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 10 23:21:52 EST 2007

I'm still seeking, for a friend, info about land for sale in southern 
California, so please write me.

Another friend wrote me with the following question:

    Do you think there would be interest from the Permaculture community
    for a 96 acre beachfront property on the coral coast of Fiji? The
    land has a creek running through with beautiful sandy beaches, clear
    fresh water and excellent soil. At one time I had the opportunity to
    have a 1/6th share and was in the process of setting this place up
    as a beach resort/adventure destination but also as a location to
    run Permaculture Design Courses. I talked to Bill Mollison about
    this at one time many years ago.

    Anyway..........I was wondering if this would be of interest as a
    place that Permaculturists might be interested in to possibly own as
    a getaway for vacations but also as a destination to run
    Permaculture design courses etc etc. There are 12 modern 'bure'
    style accomodation units which could house up to 50 people so all
    major infrastructure is there. I know the land owners, the Chief of
    the adjoining village and wonder, initially as an idea, if it could
    work to have it eventually owned and managed by Permaculture
    folks.........which would be great and I'd get behind it and work to
    see if this could come together. I just wanted to know if you knew
    people that might have an interest in this.

    There is a brief brochure that one of the resort owners did at one
    time to start promoting the resort which we named 'Gaia Fiji'.


My first thought was, as God asked Noah, "How long can you tread water?"

Is beachfront property ANYWHERE a good investment?

Personally, I'd LOVE to have 96 A of beachfront in Fiji, but..............

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